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Powder coating on wood

No wood effect, is a coating on wood-based materials such as MDF.


tunnel powder coating oven
MDF plain
tunnel powder coating oven
Powder coated MDF board


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The coated item is 

MDF coating line is 50% faster

Finishes that bring the realistic look of wood to your next aluminium or steel project.

tunnel powder coating oven


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The coated item is 








Low cost one-step finishing process innovation !

One-step finishing in 20 minutes and is ready ! Some products need two-steps finishing, but is the double time as in other methods.


Best alternative

Preferred choice over other alternatives such as laminate veneers and liquid paint.






Application areas are

  • Baby rooms
  • Panel doors
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Bathroom doors
  • Office furniture consoles
  • TV units








  • Healthy product EN 71-3 (Safety of toys, babies can touch it)
  • No solvents, odourless, VOC-free
  • Antibacterial, antiallergic


  • Scratch durable
  • Mechanical endurance
  • Improved humidity resistance (Bathroom furniture)


  • Complete freedom of design
  • Ease of application
  • Low cost
  • Time saving ! One-step finishing process
  • Just few employees do the job easily
  • Automated process
  • Additionally it is environmentally friendly



Wooden materials 

tunnel powder coating oven
Wooden materials
  1. Sterling board OSB
  2. Chipboard
  3. Exterior Plywood WBP
  4. Hardboard
  5. Medium density fibreboard MDF
  6. Laminboard
  7. Blockboard
  8. Battenboard
  9. Birch Ply
  10. Ply Sheathing




Some H3

Kitchen cabinets

powder coating oven

Colors are limited

powder coating oven for sale

Inner 7 x 1.5 x 1.8 m

powder coating oven price

4m rear heating register

powder coating oven temperature



powder coating oven gas burner

Kitchen cabinets

powder coating oven diy or buy

Kitchen cabinets

powder coating oven trolley

With dividing doors

powder coating oven energy saver




electric powdercoat oven


Loading over trolley


Components curing oven

  1. Control unit
  2. Control cabinet
  3. Heating unit
electric powdercoat oven


Doors on both sides, loading over trolley

  1. Control unit
  2. Control cabinet
  3. Heating unit


Gas H5

Some powder coating ovens use a gas burner as a heat source. These ovens are often more powerful and can reach higher temperatures than their electric counterparts.







electric powdercoat oven
Electric powdercoat 

Heating method is critical

  1. Control unit
  2. Control cabinet
  3. lll






Building a DIY powder coating oven sounds to be a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a commercial unit. But in long term  cost and security aspect, not recommended.

Safe H4

Safety and efficiency are our top priorities. Our ovens are designed with safety features to prevent accidents and are energy-efficient, helping you save on operating costs.

Contact Us Today H4

Ready to take your powder coating process to the next level? Contact us today to learn more about our powder coating ovens and find the perfect one for your needs.





Advanced H2

With our advanced digital controllers, you can easily set and maintain the desired temperature. This ensures your powder cures properly, resulting in a high-quality finish.

This controller can be an analog device with several probes or a digital PLC.

Importance H3

The temperature in powder coating is crucial as it affects the curing process. Curing is the process where the powder melts and reacts to form a high molecular weight polymer. This polymer provides the coating with its excellent durability and resistance to breakdown.


For Sale H4

Powder coating ovens are available for sale in various sizes and specifications. Some are in stock, others need to be produced which can take several weeks.

Competitive Prices H4

We believe in providing value for money. Our powder coating ovens are competitively priced without compromising on quality or performance.

Price H5

The price of a powder coating oven can vary significantly based on its size, features, and the manufacturer. It's important to consider both the initial cost and the ongoing operating costs when evaluating the price.



Indicative H6

Internal dimensions = working area = maximum workpiece size Length x width x depth = 6 x 1.5 x 1.8 m External dimensions approx. (depending on installation) = 7.7 x 1.8 x 2.15 m









20+ years H2


Is it H3

Frequently asked: Is electric heating cheaper than with a gas burner or oil burner?



Which H3

Independent test results from several powder coating manufacturers are available:

Perfect temperature uniformity


Delivery H3

Optimised production line in the factory

Visits possible by appointment




Powder H4

5x Rail system with transport trolley

rail system


Powder H4

control unit

Perfect control of the air flow

Homogeneous air distribution

Precise control up to 200°C

Multiple sensors 


Digital H4

Digitale Steuerung Pulverofen

PLC digital up to 450°C

PLC = programmable logic controller



The controller is a key component of a powder coating oven. It regulates the temperature and ensures it remains consistent throughout the curing process.



Energy H5
powdercoat oven uv-light curing
Special infrared + ultraviolet powder curing oven by powceq
Convection H6
  • Electric
  • Gas / oil burner, indirect
  • Gas direct combustion burner
  • Hybrid, heats electric or by indirect burner


Infrared H6
  • Electric infrared
  • Natural gas catalytic infrared long-wavelength
  • Ultraviolet light
catalytic infrared oven
Catalytic infrared curing oven

Catalytic H3


Integrating an infrared oven to a automatic powder coating line:

Increases production by 50%& Improves product quality Reduces natural gas consumption by 25% annually Achieves a 3-year simple payback





FAQ - Questions & answers about H4

A powder oven works on the principle of convection and radiant heat. This means that the heat in the oven is transferred to the workpieces to be coated by the movement of the air and the direct transfer of heat. This melts the powder and hardens it on the workpieces.

This includes reducing temperatures through longer dwell times, optimising the air flow and air distribution systems, using energy-efficient fan motors and frequency converters and recycling existing heat. For example, the excess heat generated by components can be used for other purposes.

Gas, oil and electricity can be used as heating media.

Let's assume it is 4m long and WxH inside 1.5 x 1.8m. This will require a maximum of 100kW heating power, but on average it will consume 60kWh. Converted 6m³/h x 1.40€ per cubic meter. Or 6 x 10kWh x 14 cents. So 8.40€ / hour at outside temperature 20C, heating temperature 160C.

About 25 minutes. It could be quicker, but the trick is to work with the ideal heating system and save energy.

Around 6 weeks for standard sizes. We are also months faster than our competitors for special projects.




H2 for sale


Offer and price H3

Design and quality H4


Perfect temperature uniformity

Delivery and start-up h5


Optimised production line in the factory

Faster delivery

Installation by our technicians



Product Summary h6

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