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We supply your 3D powder coating system.

Ultra-modern and efficient



Our team has 25+ years of experience

From the idea to commissioning


Procedure: (duration approx. 3 to 5 months)

Idea - Project planning - 3D drawing - Inspection of reference sites

Contract - Production - Delivery - Installation - Commissioning - Training

Non-binding recommendation of coating powder and pre-treatment chemistry



Produced and developed in our own factory

Several in-house installation teams, most with 15 years of experience, get to work immediately after delivery.

Non-binding & uncomplicated in 3D

Our local team will be happy to assist you.


Several reference systems can be viewed in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

Whether in New Zealand, South Africa or the USA, we already have systems in operation in 83 countries!

3D dynamische Beschichtung





Application of powdercoat

powder spray guns

Corona ring + quick cleaning

Automatic regulation

  • Perfect results with uniform layer thickness
  • Fast color changes
  • User-friendly panel

automated powder spray guns


  • PLC-controlled lifting devices 3D
  • Automatic selection after scan
  • Perfectly synchronised (proprietary software)

17 Types

professional spray guns powdercoat

Lab set with 5Liter container


link  Powder center

Optionally with injector or pumps

Reduces loss of powder coating

efficient powder coating



Small powder coating booth

link  Manual booths

Filter or recovery

spray booth


overspray filtering




link  Manual powder coating setup

Spray booth

+ curing oven

+ Powder equipment

+ rail system as required

booth for powdercoat



link  Booth for automatic powder coating

  • Steel, plastic or hybrid, fast color change

plactic booth

  • Power & Free or Axial
  • Customized solutions
  • Tunnel, U-Turn or special design
  • Precise technology & intelligent solutions




link  Booths for fast color change

plastic booth automated



link  Continuous pretreatment lines

- Nano technology (oxsilane, phosphating, degreasing                      
- Degreasing and pickling                             
- Iron and zinc phosphating line          
- without chrome 
- Spraying & dipping pre-treatment lines
- Savings in chemical and water consumption










link  Powder coating curing ovens

Batch ovens

  • Conveyed or box-shaped versions
  • Energy-efficient and productive
  • Perfect insulation and minimal heat loss
  • Homogeneous air distribution

batch oven


spray guns


Manual conveyor systems

Design according to customer requirements




Semi-automatic circulation system

powder coating machine


transfer rails

Manual sliding rail - Parking spaces

Design according to customer requirements