Manual Coater Pro Spray

Powder feeding with application pumps


Up to 700gr/min powder feed

Dense Phase technology for more efficiency




Powder transfer pump


High density automatic coating


Precise control of velocity





Powder Transfer Pump

E-FEED HD is a pneumatic pump transferring powder coating from one station to another with very high efficiency.

It works according to “high density, low velocity” principle and consists of two sections; a “Powder Transfer Unit” and a “Control Panel”.


E-FEED HD holds the number spot for being the highest transfer rate among competitors with 7,9 kg/min. transfer capacity.

  1. Total needed working time is reduced and lifetime of replacement parts is maximized.
  2. It has an ultra fast self-cleaning function which provides cleaning in a few seconds by the help of smooth inner surface and special material used.
  3. Replacement parts are changeable without stopping the pump by the help of quick connection design of replacement to the body of unit.


Some functions of the unit;

  • Transfer Pressure Adjustment
  • Vacuum Pressure Adjustment
  • 7,9 kg/min. powder transfer capacity
  • Fast change of replacement parts
  • Timer for replacement parts lifetime
  • Control of output current and process with "Check Manometer"
  • Control option by its own control panel or adaptable to any other industrial automation system
  • 2 levels of pumping frequency selection
  • Powder level sensor adaptable
  • Dual transfer capability in both directions (top/down, down/top)
  • Fluidizing output
  • ATEX II 3D, IP54 Protection Class