Automated powder coating process

Fully automatic powder systems with 3D scanners are supplied by us ready to use.

We supply complete systems for powder coating


  • Nano pre-treatment
  • Dryer
  • Detection system in 3D measuring devices
  • Plastic booth, manual filter booths
  • Manual spray guns in 17 variations
  • Automatic spray guns with 3D function
  • Powder center
  • Curing oven

Complete turnkey systems

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Automated powder coating is a highly developed process in which machines are used to apply a dry, colored powder to a surface. This technique is particularly suitable for coating a large number of small to medium-sized parts with powder coatings in a short time.

One of the main advantages of automatic powder coating is the possibility of a quick color change.


Buy powder coating systems from the manufacturer


  1. Process optimization right from the start
  2. Highly modern automation
  3. Hanging workpieces with robots*
  4. Cost reduction, quality improvement


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Our team on site will also be happy to show you the latest 3D powder systems.

Optimal choice of devices

automatische gema pulverpistole

 Gema, Nordson or Wagner Powder coating systems




automatische pulverpistole

Why should you work with us?


  • Young dynamic team, on average 12+ years of experience

  • Multiple manufacturers for the benefit of customers, optimal production

  • Multiple internationally mobilized teams

  • Innovative, 3D scanners are used


  • Shorter delivery times by months

    Highly modern, efficient, turnkey

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Dynamic 3D powder coating

3D scanner at the booth entrance

Spray guns adapt to the shape

Perfect results with uniform layer thickness         
Acceleration of production         
Perfectly synchronized with reciprocators         
Central powder hopper with powder pumps

Automatic selection of stroke and speed         
User-friendly touchscreen panel


Simple and understandable operation

Data and history retrievable         
Energy-saving functions         
Secure back-up         
Remote maintenance

Solutions for automatic powder coating

Pre-treatment, drying oven, spray booth, cyclone

Air recovery filter group, curing oven, control unit 

Pre-treatment plants

Nano technology (oxsilane, phosphating)         
Degreasing and pickling         
Iron and zinc phosphating lines         
Without chrome         
Spray. & immersion pre-treatment lines         
Savings in chemical and water consumption


Drying and curing ovens

Conveyed or box-shaped versions         
Tunnel, U-turn or special designs         
Energy-efficient and productive         
Perfect insulation and minimal heat loss         
Uniform air distribution         
Precise technology & intelligent solutions


Conveyor systems

Power & Free or Axial         
Automatic or manual         
Optimal solutions according to customer requirements         
High quality standards



Cyclone or filter with recovery         
Made of plastic or steel         
Quick color change         
Low noise fans




Steel / plastic cabins with cyclone separator


Automatic powder booths


Plastic powder booths

steuereinheit kunststoffkabine





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