Powder coating management centers


Color change made easy

Slim design

Fast cleaning

Smooth and effective powder distribution

Brilliant Coating Performance





PM1 - Adaptable to any system


Semi-automatic cleaning system                     
(only gun hose cleaning automatic)

Big fixed powder container

Suitable for few color change in a day

Adaptable to any other system

Up to 30 injectors or 24 pumps + feed

Color change in 20 min.

PM2 - Few Colors

fresh powder supply

Injectors drive out, easy to clean together

Up to 30 injectors + feed

Multiple plastic containers for each color




Powder Feed Center Catalog

Download PDF

Powder coating feed center Catalog Coating Feed


PM3 - Advanced closed cycle

Powder coating management

Most advanced powder management center                     
Fully automatic and high efficient

Fixed single stainless steel container

Feed pump integrated                     
Up to 30 injectors or 24 pumps

Color change in 5 min.







Powder coating transfer pumps

Excellent powder delivery of 8kg/min

powder conveying

With cart and lance

application pump


We offer complete automatic coating solutions !
  • Pretreatment line
  • Automatic washing
  • Powder booths
  • Manual or automatic spray guns
  • Conveyor systems