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Our Engineering Company serves UAE & GCC with powder coating equipment of all kinds. Small to gigantic ! 


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Equipment, guns, ovens, booth and complete lines prices and offers

Industrial equipment

 Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah in UAE 

tunnel powder coating oven


 Manual coating

Filter booths







How much does an powder coating machine cost in UAE?

  • Powder coating gun starting from 12.000 to 16.000 AED
    • Professional spray gun, analog or digital
  • Spray booth 3 filters 26.000 AED
  • Curing oven 3 meter 61.000 AED
  • Complete manual plant from 99.000 AED without conveyor


Automated line price

Most easy one will cost 400.000 AED and it requires 20 x 8 meters space. But this number is just to give our clients an idea. 

Price depends on

  • Workpiece dimensions, shape, weight and quantity
  • If needed, washing / pretreatment line could make up the half of the cost of entire system
  • Often daily color change requires plastic booth and powder center





Powder coating trading company in UAE and for GCC

Since 2010 our engineering company is a supplier for turnkey powder coating plants. 





Powder coating oven in UAE

Usable area in meters

1 meter to 7 meter is the standard length inside.

Width x Height is 1,5 x 1,8 meter inside.

If you need special size, is available. Production time will be longer and it will cost +30 to 50% more.


It can be loaded by trolley or rails on top.


Industrial Ovens

tunnel powder coating oven
Curing oven
  1. Car trolley below
  2. Structure on trolley wil be customized by client




Your powder coating equipment supplier in UAE & GCC

Small plant

powder small plant

Manual and automatic

powder coating manual

Rail system

powder coating rail system

Filter spray booth

powder coating booths with filters


Curing oven types

powder coating oven

Curing oven drawing

powder coating drawing

Automated system

powder coating automated system

MDF powder coating

powder coating mdf board




electric powdercoat oven

Manual coating price UAE

Complete small plant average price is 99.000 AED


  • Powder coating gun starting from 12.000 to 16.000 AED
    • Professional spray gun, analog or digital
  • Spray booth 3 filters 26.000 AED
  • Curing oven 3 meter 61.000 AED
electric powdercoat oven

Automatic coating machine price UAE

Price starts from 400.000 AED


Price depends on

  • Workpiece dimensions, shape, weight and quantity
  • If needed, washing / pretreatment line could make up the half of the cost of entire system
  • Often daily color change requires plastic booth and powder center


Cooperation between manufacturers

Since we are working with several production plants, we are able to deliver the most suitable solution in competitive price and always in high quality







We design and deliver turnkey

  1. Best design for your place
  2. Ideal solution for workpieces to be contest
  3. Save budget but not at quality





Which manufacturer for powder coating machinery?

As explained in our About Us page here, we are working with several factories together. This machines are not fruits, it does not matter from which region they come. Quality and efficiency matters. As started in Germany in 2010, we have real experience…

Efficiency meets price advantage

Safety and efficiency are our top priorities. Our machines are designed with safety features to prevent accidents and are energy-efficient, helping you save on operating costs.

Which equipment is the best?

Ready to take your powder coating process to the next level? Contact us today to learn more about our powder coating equipment and find the perfect one for your needs.





Reference Machines in GCC

Buy with confidence.

In UAE and GCC countries, many machines are running already. If there is no competition, you can easily visit the site with us and see our equipment in action.

Warranty and local support

2 years manufacturer warranty and local support and training for start-ups. 


Price list here online for download

Powder coating machines are available for sale in various sizes and specifications. Some are in stock, others need to be produced which can take several weeks. Follow the red link for price list, scroll below.

Competitive Prices

We believe in providing value for money. Our powder coating machines are competitively priced without compromising on quality or performance.

Efficiency lowers the running cost

Cheap equipment (not our products) will spray too much powder and will not stick on the surface as it should. In automated lines, this could cause a loss of 40.000 AED annually.


Powder coating plant design

Feel free to contact us and we design the first solution for free and probably same day. Once all parameters from client side are gathered, specific solution will be projected and offered within a week.

 Price list

Check prepared offers here online






25+ years experience


Started in Germany

2010: Is electric heating cheaper than with a gas burner or oil burner?



Cooperation +

You order a line and need to wait 5 months? Because manufacturers has no capacity or well organized production process?

Several manufacturers save us months and keep high quality

Optimised production line in the factory

Visits possible by appointment




Any spray gun

We supply any brandmark high-quality spray guns

Gema, Wager, Nordson or others…

powder spray guns


Which powder is best for your needs?

control unit

We have a network of suppliers in your region and could recommend


Spray machine price

powder coating machine price uaeor  ?

Professional highest quality spray gun prices start from 12.000 AED.

Average price is 16.000 AED.




Well connected, easy delivery
powdercoat machine supplier
International experience

Welcome to our Engineering Company. founded in 2010 in Germany, served Switzerland and Austria...

Very soon in UAE, USA, Czech, UK and with collaboration with our manufacturers, in many other countries as shown below. 


We are a team of dedicated professionals (up to 25+ years experience) committed to providing the highest quality of service in our industry. Our mission is to deliver innovative solutions that drive growth and success for our clients. We choose best equipment for your needs

automated line
3D scanning

Hightech for efficiency


Additionally, integrating an infrared oven to a automatic powder coating line:

  • Increases production by 50%
  • Improves product quality
  • Reduces natural gas consumption by 25% annually
  • Achieves a 3-year simple payback





FAQ - Questions & answers about powder coating machine

A powder oven works on the principle of convection and radiant heat. This means that the heat in the oven is transferred to the workpieces to be coated by the movement of the air and the direct transfer of heat. This melts the powder and hardens it on the workpieces.

This includes reducing temperatures through longer dwell times, optimising the air flow and air distribution systems, using energy-efficient fan motors and frequency converters and recycling existing heat. For example, the excess heat generated by components can be used for other purposes.

Gas, oil and electricity can be used as heating media.

Let's assume it is 4m long and WxH inside 1.5 x 1.8m. This will require a maximum of 100kW heating power, but on average it will consume 60kWh. Converted 6m³/h x 1.40€ per cubic meter. Or 6 x 10kWh x 14 cents. So 8.40€ / hour at outside temperature 20C, heating temperature 160C.

About 25 minutes. It could be quicker, but the trick is to work with the ideal heating system and save energy.

Around 6 weeks for standard sizes. We are also months faster than our competitors for special projects.




Powdercoat machine for sale


Analog machine

Digital machine


Perfect temperature uniformity

Pump system


Optimised production line in the factory

Faster delivery

Installation by our technicians



Product Summary powder coating machines

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